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Redefining Executive Recruiting

SL8Z puts the power of crowdsourcing into the hands of employers by giving them unlimited access to a vetted community of experienced, executive recruiters, and, their collective networks of qualified candidates.

You can immediately tell that SL8Z was developed by someone who fully understands recruiting. It's fast, easy and intuitive to use....."  - Thomas Lokar, VP Human Resources, HP

Elegant and Intuitive

Operate an easy-to-use platform that accelerates candidate flow and reduces fill-times.

Qualified Talent Pools

Quickly access an open universe of candidates without restrictive exclusivity requirements.

Highly Efficient

Maximize resources by leveraging a community of recruiters and their collective networks.

Superior Credentials

Developed by an experienced recruiting leader who ensures the highest levels of quality and service.

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Easy for Employers

Augment Client Development

Qualified independent search professionals are invited into an exclusive marketplace that allows them to expand their ability to match their high quality candidates with additional employers.

Broaden Your Reach

Engage with companies of all sizes across multiple industries, sectors, functions and geographies.

Senior Level Focus

Designed for professional & executive level positions

Leverage Your Network

Work smarter, not harder, by placing more high quality candidates via a new marketplace.

Exclusive Community

Join an elite community where only the most qualified recruiters are selected.

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Intuitive for Recruiters

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